Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond

Slaats Fire Proof (S.F.P.) ventilatie plafond

The first non-combustible ventilation ceiling! Slaats has developed an innovative application for the ever increasing demand to make stables fire safe. A fire class A1 ventilation ceiling has been developed for this purpose.

Specialises in ventilation and heating systems

Slaats Asten BV specialises in ventilation and heating systems for pig farms.

Our made-to-measure solutions help you maintain an optimum climate in your animal housing. Good climatic conditions in your pigs’ housing are vital for their health and welfare. Slaats ventilation ceilings are custom-made and excel in terms of service, delivery time and price/quality ratio.

Slaats Asten delivers custom-made solutions. Ceiling ventilation and housing heating tailored exactly to your pigs’ needs. With our systems, climate problems are a thing of the past.

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