A ventilation system for optimal health
A correctly functioning heating system for an optimal climate

Combi-ventilation ceilings

The combi-ventilation system has made great advances in recent years. This system ensures optimum air distribution in summer as well as in winter.

How a combi-ventilation system works
The extra air inlets in the ventilation ceiling ensure a cooling effect, allowing the maximum ventilation to be reduced. In these warmer periods the fresh air is guided straight to the pigs at snout level via the air inlet ducts or holes. In the sow area PVC tubes are fitted in the ventilation ceiling; these must be closed in colder periods.

In the piglet and finisher areas a PVC air gap is created above the feed alley to promote natural air flow.

During warmer periods the combi-ventilation ensures better air flow in the section, boosting feed intake and health. The extra air inlets in the ceiling can be closed in winter. Then the air enters the housing via the perforated ceiling and can be heated by twin pipes.

Combi-ventilation ensures a better housing climate in summer and in winter!