Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond
Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond

Hogedruk koeling

As a pig farmer you spend a lot of time and money looking after the health and welfare of your pigs. you want your pigs to feel comfortable in a good climate at the perfect temperature. In hot periods your pigs’ productivity can be put under pressure. The solution is to cool the incoming air with high pressure atomisation. This system can be used on all types of air inlets in both new builds and existing buildings.

What happens when the weather is too hot:

  • pigs take in less feed in high temperatures
  • daily growth will be reduced
  • lower milk yields from farrowing sows
  • the sow’s condition deteriorates
  • heat stress in the covering shed reduces fertility
  • risk of higher losses due to heat stress
How cooling helps:
  • constant feed intake, no loss of growth
  • sows in better condition
  • no reduction in fat thickness
  • no losses due to heat stress
How high pressure cooling works:
  • all incoming air is cooled fully automatically
  • air stays cool after cooling
  • temperature of incoming air more constant
  • low relative humidity increase
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