Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond
Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond


For housing heating with Delta and twin pipes, Slaats Asten offers a total package consisting of
aluminium pipes, couplings, fixings, motor valves and circulation pumps. Various coupling options are available, but we prefer our own plastic couplings.

Advantages of Slaats plastic couplings:

  • plastic couplings 22 mm + 28 mm
  • no leakage
  • no rust
  • fitted without tools
  • can be reused
Delta and twin pipes can be secured in various ways. There are a number of different options for fixing the twin pipes to the wall. Let us advise you on the most effective system for your situation.

Your housing heating system can be controlled in various ways. You will need a motor valve connected to the climate computer. We supply both two-way and three-way valves. We also offer circulation pumps and shut-off valves.

Would you like more information on the most appropriate floor heating or accessories for your animal housing? Contact us for a no-obligation chat.