Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond
Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond

Trapezoidal ventilation ceilings with glass wool

This ventilation system uses custom-made perforated polyester trapezoidal sheeting panels with an 80 mm layer of special glass wool. Plastic trapezoidal ventilation ceilings are ideal for situations in which the air is brought in directly from outside. The incoming air does not need to be preheated.
The special 80mm thick layer of glass wool combined with the perforated trapezoidal sheeting panels ensures excellent air distribution with correct underpressure. The glass wool must meet special requirements: at least 80mm thick with a density of 18 kg/m3. The underside of this glass wool is supported with a reinforcing membrane to prevent sagging. This makes the system easy to clean.

Advantages of Slaats polyester trapezoidal sheeting ceilings:

  • light blue colour for a fresh look in the housing
  • heat exchange in the glass wool prevents draughts
  • direct air inlet without preheating
  • extra insulation
  • no rusting, long life
  • very good air distribution and low air speeds
  • custom-made and easy to install
  • easy to clean
  • partial perforation

NEW: PerVC – plastic trapezoidal sheeting ventilation ceiling with improved fire classification

For situations in which a higher fire classification is required, Slaats has launched a new ventilation ceiling: PerVC. This custom-made perforated plastic trapezoidal sheeting panel is rated BS1D0.
A PerVC ventilation ceiling with glass wool is the best solution for creating a system with fire classification B.

Some of the advantages of PerVC:
  • fire classification BS2D0
  • plastic trapezoidal profile sheet
  • long life and maintenance-free
  • lightweight and easy to clean
  • partial perforation
In addition to the new PerVC we also supply a perforated aluminium trapezoidal wall. This is also rated fire classification B.

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