A correctly functioning heating system for an optimal climate
A ventilation system for optimal health


To ensure an optimum environment in the pigs’ housing, you need a properly functioning heating system. For many years, Delta and twin pipe heating systems have been the best solution for heating animal housing.
Delta and twin pipes are made of anodised aluminium. Their advantages include a fast reaction speed (fast heating), light weight and no corrosion. Delta and twin pipes are supplied cut to length and come with plastic couplings, fixings and controls.

Various types of housing heating:

Slaats Asten supplies various types of delta and twin pipes. The profiles can be used for both preheating and reheating. Our twin tubes are ideal for preheating in air inlet ducts in a subfloor duct ventilation system. In combination with a ventilation ceiling, the twin tubes are most often used for reheating.

Our Delta and twin pipes have been comprehensively tested by DLG in Germany and guarantee high heat output. Our twin pipes are also available in black on request.

All Slaats pipes are machined down to 22 mm or 28 mm. This enables us to supply all lengths up to 600 cm. Combined with our plastic couplings, you are guaranteed a solid system with high heat output.

Together with an installation company we can supply and fit your entire heating system. We can also calculate the heating capacity you will need in your situation.

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Delta pipe


A delta pipe (‘butterfly pipe’) is a heating profile with three fins around a 22 mm tube. The delta pipe is used as a space heater in the various sections of the building. Delta pipes can be used both under the ceiling and on a special wall-mounted bracket.

Twin pipe


Twin pipes are very widely used in animal housing heating systems. They consist of flat aluminium profiles around a 22 mm pipe. Twin pipes have a higher heat output than Delta pipes. Twin pipes can be fitted in different places: usually flat against the wall, in the air inlet duct or under the ventilation ceiling.

Floor heating


Floor heating is an effective way to heat a pig house. It creates a pleasant place for the piglets to lie and also controls their manure behaviour. It is the ideal heating system for stocking and in the farrowing shed.



For housing heating with Delta and twin pipes, Slaats Asten offers a total package consisting of
aluminium pipes, couplings, fixings, motor valves and circulation pumps. Various coupling options are available, but we prefer our own plastic couplings.