Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond
Slaats Fire Proof
S.F.P. ventilatie plafond

Floor heating

Floor heating is an effective way to heat a pig house. It creates a pleasant place for the piglets to lie and also controls their manure behaviour. It is the ideal heating system for stocking and in the farrowing shed.

For effective control of floor heating, we offer a robust floor heating distributor. This distributor is perfect for use in pig housing. It can be regulated either with the thermostat button or automatically with the climate computer.

Features of the distributor include:

  • 1 to 10 circuits
  • input and output temperature meters
  • low-energy Grundfos Alpha2 pump
  • suitable for all floor hose diameters
  • easy to install and use
  • maintenance-free